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Benefits of NZSTA Membership

NZSTA Membership

NZSTA offers a number of services that are only available to member boards.

Members also directly benefit from being a critical part of a strong, national organisation which gets its strength from a large collective membership. It is this collective power which enables NZSTA to be a vital part of all relevant education related decisions and in national policy formulation. It is NZSTA’s strong membership base that allows NZSTA to seek and obtain its "free to board" contracted services.

Membership of NZSTA is open to school boards of trustees by annual subscription, payable by 31 March each year. A proforma invoice is forwarded to all school boards, along with an open letter to all trustees in November each year.


With a circulation close to 12,000 copies and ten issues annually (January/February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November/December), NZSTA's monthly national publication STAnews (login access only) is NZSTA's flagship publication. Each issue contains relevant and informative articles to challenge boards' and principals' thinking on critical issues alongside analysis and commentary on important sector issues.

Membership Memos

NZSTA membership memos (login access only) provide analysis and commentary for member boards on events, initiatives and working parties that NZSTA is involved with such as the Ministerial Cross-Sector Forum, proposed changes to legislation and the government Budget allocations for education.

NZSTA membership memos are an important mechanism for directly seeking the views of NZSTA member boards. Because of NZSTA’s active role in advocating for boards of trustees, member boards are sometimes advised of issues and asked for preliminary feedback long before they come to public attention.

NZSTA’s membership memos complement the updates on more operational matters covered in NZSTA’s all-school memos.

Regional Newsletters

Member boards in each NZSTA region receive an NZSTA regional newsletter(login access only), published each term in collaboration with the chairperson of the NZSTA Regional Executive.

Regional newsletters are tailored to each region and provide member boards in the region with information about

Regional membership activities

Attendance at NZSTA regionally organised functions and events.


NZSTA’s advocacy function is led by the President on behalf of NZSTA member boards and supported by Regional Executives and a full-time Policy Adviser based in the Office of the President. This advocacy goes beyond the day-to-day collaboration with the Ministry and other sector groups on the implementation of operational policies and initiatives that is part of our effective delivery of services under the Ministry contract.

 NZSTA’s advocacy for member boards includes


All trustees who currently serve on an NZSTA member board are eligible to stand for election to their NZSTA regional executive, the NZSTA governing board or as president.

Full website access

Access to the member-only areas of our website (requires login ID and password).


NZSTA’s annual national conference is our premier membership event with 54 professional development seminars, 3 keynote speakers and over 900 school trustees attending from around the country.  Attendance is limited to trustees who are currently serving on an NZSTA member board. 

NZSTA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The NZSTA Annual General meeting is your board’s best opportunity to discuss important issues directly with the NZSTA President and Board, and other NZSTA member boards.

It also provides the opportunity for your board to hold NZSTA officeholders to account for the running of the Association during the previous twelve months, by way of the NZSTA Annual Report which is presented at the AGM each year.


Membership of NZSTA entitles your board to discounts on

Trustee Study Awards

All trustees who currently serve on an NZSTA member board are eligible to apply for  an NZSTA Trustee Study Award, sponsored by Crombie Lockwood and Vero Liability. Five awards are available each year, with a combined value of $20,000. NZSTA Trustee Study Awards are available in July each year.


Applications for the 2018 NZSTA Trustee Study Awards open on 1 August 2017.

Applications close on Friday 17 November 2017.


 For further information please contact the Office of the President.

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