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NZSTA Organisation

NZSTA organisational structure

NZSTA’s organisational structure reflects its two complementary areas of activity - membership and service delivery. 

Membership activities are coordinated through NZSTA’s 11 Regional Executives and the Office of the President, led by NZSTA President Lorraine Kerr (MNZM).

Delivery of advice and support services to boards of trustees in their governance and employer roles is coordinated through NZSTA staff in NZSTA’s four regional Hubs and NZSTA National Office, led by NZSTA CEO, Nick Inskip.

NZSTA Constitution and policy framework

NZSTA’s affairs are conducted according to the NZSTA Constitution and the NZSTA Policy Framework (H-ETTA).


NZSTA is governed by the NZSTA Board which comprises the NZSTA President and six members. The NZSTA Board is elected every three years by NZSTA member boards. The Constitution provides for Māori representation on the Board, and for the Board to co-opt up to two further members. NZSTA Kaumatua Alec Tairua and Kuia Maata Wharehoka are also ex-officio members of the NZSTA Board.

NZSTA President

The NZSTA President is a full-time paid position, based in Wellington. The President is elected every three years by NZSTA member boards and leads the organisation, particularly with reference to membership-based activities.


The NZSTA CEO is based in NZSTA National Office in Wellington. The CEO is appointed by the NZSTA Board, and leads the NZSTA staff in achieving the goals set for the organisation by the NZSTA Board.

NZSTA Regional Executives

NZSTA membership is spread across 11 NZSTA regions. Each region is led by a committee (Regional Executive) of between 3 and 9 trustees from NZSTA member boards in the region. Each Regional Executive is responsible for organizing local membership activities in their region and providing a channel for communication between NZSTA member boards and the NZSTA President on issues of local importance.

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NZSTA Regional Hubs

NZSTA delivers its range of face-to-face board support services through our four regional hubs, with teams of advisers who can offer you expert, specialist advice on governance and employment relations.

NZSTA staff

NZSTA employs around 70 staff, located in NZSTA National Office in Wellington, and NZSTA’s four regionally based hubs. A similar number of people work for NZSTA as contracted facilitators or on their local Regional Executive.

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