Personal files and record keeping

Ngā kōnae whaiaro me te tiaki pūkete

What do we have to do?

Personal files must be set up upon a new appointment and regularly updated. NZSTA has provided three templates which should be included in all personal files:

Secondary principal leave should be recorded at the school level. 52 week support staff annual leave should be recorded in Novopay online.
Privacy of these files must be ensured. They should be kept securely locked with access available only to the employer or those with the delegated authority within the school to manage the files.
Access must be granted to those who are entitled to see the files:
  • The employee if they ask to see their own file
  • The employee’s authorised representative, upon the employee’s request
  • MBIE labour inspectors and immigration officers upon request
  • Other agencies which may request access (ERO, MoE…)


Why do we need to keep personal files?

  • Statutory requirements: The Employment Relations Act (s. 130) and Holidays Act (s.81)  require employers to keep wage, time, holiday and leave records.  If leave records are booked into Novopay Online, the Holidays Act requirements for leave records are met for teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • Being a good employer: accurate records ensure all employees are treated fairly and receive their correct pay, holiday and leave entitlements.
  • Performance management: if any issues arise with employee performance, clear job descriptions, annual performance review/appraisal records and documentation of any performance improvement processes are essential


How long do we need to keep personal files?

Employee personal files must be kept for seven years.


Where can I find more information?

On the NZSTA page, leave management.

On the Novopay website, Legal requirements for payroll records (includes privacy requirements).

On the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website, Keeping accurate records.

If you need further information, please contact the employment team,  Advisory & Support Centre on 0800 782 435 (Option 2).

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