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What are MMAs intended for?

The PPTA, NZSTA and the Ministry of Education agreed that there were a particularly pressing recruitment and retention pressure on middle managers in secondary schools that required a response that would focus on those teachers in these positions.

It is intended that Middle Management Allowances (MMAs) are "additional salary recognition for currently designated curriculum and/or pastoral management responsibilities to support recruitment and retention of teachers who hold these responsibilities."

While schools increasingly use a variety of titles for traditional and/or new positions of curriculum and/or pastoral management responsibility, the MMAs are intended for potentially eligible teachers who are predominantly in positions traditionally termed:

MMAs may be allocated to teachers

Teachers who have five units and who have a clearly identified designated curriculum management responsibility in addition to their administration role may be allocated one MMA. For example, a Deputy Principal with five units who is also the Head of Maths may receive one MMA.

The majority of MMAs will be permanent because the curriculum and/or pastoral management duties they provide extra remuneration for are on-going responsibilities. For this reason, no more than 30%1 of the school's allocation can be offered as fixed term payments. 

1There is an upper limit of 40% of management units being fixed term


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