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Ministerial Taskforce on Secondary Teacher Remuneration

Terms of Reference - March 2003

The Purpose of the Taskforce

The PPTA and the Secretary for Education agreed, in the Terms of Settlement of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2002-2004 (STCA), to a Ministerial Taskforce to examine and report on a number of issues related to secondary teachers' remuneration which had been raised but not fully explored or addressed during the negotiations and settlement of the STCA.

Specifically; "The Minister of Education shall convene a task force to examine and report on secondary teachers' remuneration. This task force will reviw and report on how the government can address wage paths, and the impact on the remuneration of workload, supply, demand, curriculum delivery, qualifications and other directly related issues that arise."

It is intended that information from the process and report will inform the preparation of, but not pre-empt, the next bargaining round which will commence prior to the expiry of the STCA on 30 June 2004, in addition to supporting policy work. The focus should be on principles and design of the remuneration system, rather than the quantum of funding. While the taskforce will not be concerned with the overall quantum of funding, it should consider the best way for the Government to direct its funds to achieve its objectives. 

The final report will be completed by 31 October 2003.


The objective is to have a supply of high quality, appropriately qualified secondary teachers in state and integrated schools who will improve the learning outcomes for all students.

The task force will develop a strategic, longer term, perspective on the issues facing the teacher sector over the next decade. The task force will explore the issue of teachers investing in, and build their capability as highly effective teachers and how this should be recognised through qualifications and career paths. The taskforce will consider the effectiveness of the existing system for remunerating secondary teachers to enable boards of trustees to recruit and retain highly effective teachers.

Key deliverables

The task force will provide:


The task force will comprise the following members:

Also, the task force will call on a technical adviser to provide information and advice, and to scope any research or analytical work the Working Party deems useful to their deliberations.

Scope of the work

The task force work and report will:

The report will also comment on:


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