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Work programme arising from the settlement

With the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement 2007-2009 ratified, work is underway to the Support Staff Remuneration Work Programme.  The programme's establishment was a key feature of the settlement of the agreement. It involves representatives from the Ministry of Education, NZEI Te Riu Roa and the NZSTA.

The work programme is set up to develop options for a new remuneration structure.  It recognises that this is a complex piece of work, covering a broad range of occupations within the school sector. It is agreed any remuneration structure should

Two reports have been prepared by the Secretary for Education. 

The second report focused on available data, issues surrounding the existing remuneration system and what other systems could look like. This work will consider a broad range of issues already raised by the parties (e.g. grading or occupational structure, the number of steps in each scale, how senior positions are recognised, etc,). A final report is due on 1 September 2008 and is designed to link into the 2009 bargaining.

The work programme is designed as a mechanism for issues to be worked through in a consultative and constructive manner. There is a genuine commitment by the parties to work through issues in good faith and to ensure timelines are met. 

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