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Support Staff Workforce Strategy 2010 Stage One

The Support Staff Working Group comprises staff and representatives of NZEI Te Riu Roa, New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA), and Ministry of Education (Ministry) officials.

The Terms of Reference (pdf) set out the scope of work.  

The Working Group has been charged with identifying:

There are over 20,000 support staff in New Zealand schools undertaking a broad range of roles. Directly and indirectly, they contribute to the learning outcomes of students.

The Working Group's mandate is to focus on improvements that could be made within the existing funding frameworks for support staff, and the model of self-managing schools.

This is the report on the first phase of this work. It forms the basis of any decision to move to the next phase.

In phase one, the Working Group gathered the limited information available to the support staff workforce. To inform its understanding of issues relating to support staff, the Working Group looked at:

The Working Group is keenly aware that there is great diversity within New Zealand's 2,477 state and integrated schools as they have evolved under the self-managing model and adapted to local needs. As a result, it is expected that there is no single model that can be applied to support staff in every school.

The Working Group identified some focus areas worth exploring as ways to increase support staff effectiveness and efficiency. The focus areas are:

The Working Group recommends that Phase Two of the project should proceed and that more information should be sought about the support staff workforce before developing policy and strategy recommendations. More information will be sought like support staff, what they do, and how they are managed and supported by schools.

From this, the Working Group will be able to identify areas where some proven strategies and policies could be developed to ensure that school productivity - 'collectively making resources count' - is enhanced.

Stage one report (docx)

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