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Human Resources Self-Audit


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If you would like help to complete the audit please contact NZSTA Employment advisers on 0800782435 (Option 2)

How can a HR Self-audit contribute to school effectiveness?

A self-audit can assist the board of trustees to measure and review the effectiveness of the school's current policies, processes and procedures with regard to people and employment. It enables the board to identify areas of strength and target areas for future improvement and should link to achieving better outcomes for students. It will help the board become familiar with current employment law (NAG3) and employment agreements to ensure you have good HR practices to avoid employment relations problems.

Auditing school HR functions involves

What is the difference between policies, processes and procedures?

Who does the self-audit?

The board has overall responsibility. They can delegate the process in writing to a committee which should include the principal and other delegates who have a good knowledge of the relevant employment agreements, HR policies and strategic objectives. The committee reports back to the whole board on progress, required actions or any issues and risks identified.

What the HR Self-audit resources include

 Self-Audit Booklets 

Self-audit process - contain actions that are a legal, Ministry of Education requirement or areas considered to be good HR practice.  Includes an action plan to help you manage your progress in completing the audit.

By following the process, you will ensure good records are kept.

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