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Leave Management

Leave management is how boards (and their delegate/s) monitor and manage employee leave, so that the operational needs of the school are balanced with the individual needs of the employee, financial risk is minimised and legal requirements are met.

Why do boards have to do this?

What does our board have to do?

Please note:

 What do principals have to do?

How can we reduce a huge accumulation of leave?

  1. Make a plan with the employee/s and reach agreement about how to reduce the leave. This could include taking long periods off of work or reducing the days worked per week.
  2. Cash up to one week of annual leave per year, at the employee’s request.
  3. If you are unable to reach agreement with the employee about how to use their leave, you can direct the employee to take annual leave with at least 14 days’ notice of the requirement to take some or all of their accrued leave. See the Holidays Act 2003 Section 19 to ensure you follow the law when requiring employees to take leave.

Note: If you have employees not paid through Novopay online, the same requirements as above apply to your school payroll systems.

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