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Primary Principals Professional Standards Reviewed and Updated (background)

Guidelines for primary principal's performance review

2 July 2008

Revised Professional Standards for Primary Principals

The NZEI, NZSTA, NZPF and the Ministry of Education have completed the review of professional standards as provided for in the Terms of Settlement (docx) of the Primary Principals' Collective Agreement 2007-2010.  We have reached agreement on the attached revised Professional Standards for Primary Principals, which are now aligned with the Kiwi Leadership for Principals and the New Zealand Curriculum.  These revised standards (docx) are intended to replace the Draft Interim Framework of Professional Standards for Principals in Schedule 2 of the Primary Principals' Collective Agreement. 

Clause 5.2.5 of the Agreement provides for an allowance for experience and performance in the role of principal, subject to meeting criteria on length of service, and on being attested to the principals' professional standards. This clause also notes that the revised standards should be used for the attestation to access the increased payment in 2009.


Part 4 of the Agreement, regarding Performance Review, requires boards of trustees to prepare an annual performance agreement with each principal that includes the relevant professional standards for that year.  Now that the variation to the Collective Agreement to replace Schedule 2 has been ratified and signed off, the revised standards are now the "relevant professional standards".

Nb Performance agreements established for 2008, prior to the revised standards being ratified, can be completed using the interim standards.

Mãori and Pasifika students

In developing the revised standards, concerns were raised over specific references to Mãori and Pasifika students in the standards. The key concerns were that:

After considering these concerns, it was decided to retain the specific references as:

View the new standards (docx).


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