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Forms and Templates for Appointing Employees

These documents will assist schools with the recruitment, selection, appointment and induction of employees. To ensure your documents comply with the latest legislation, always use the latest version from our website each time.

The Collective Agreements (CA) and the Individual Employment Agreements (IEA) set out employment terms and conditions for school employees. 

Community of Learning – Kāhui Ako Templates

Templates and forms for Community of Learning – Kāhui Ako recruitment are available here.

Principal Recruitment Allowance (PRA) Templates

Templates and forms for PRA recruitment are available here.

Application Forms

Make sure you use a standard application form for all appointments to ensure that the school meets requirements of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. 

Recruitment Process

The resources below will help with shortlisting, interviewing, reference checking and decision-making. For forms and templates specific to principal appointment, please refer to our principal appointment page for more details.


Letters of Offer of Employment

All schools must have in their records for each employee a letter of employment, a job description and for non-union members an IEA (accessible through the letters of offer).

Non-Union members

When giving non-union members their promulgated IEA and letter of offer, please also provide a copy of the below document.  It provides an explanation of the process

Resolving Employment Relationship Problems

Job Description

All employees must be provided with a job description and any changes of duties should be discussed with staff and then recorded.  Please contact our employment Advisory & Support Centre for advice.


Acting up/Relieving Letters of Confirmation

Letters for employees who act up/relieve in a higher position to cover a temporary vacancy.

Induction Plan for New Employees

To prepare for new staff and set up effective induction processes. 


Contract for Services

This template is designed for contracting consultants.


Employees not covered by a CA

The letters below are designed to go with the Ministry of Education generic IEA for employees not covered by any Collective Agreements (i.e. bus drivers, after school carer, etc.). If unsure, please contact us.


Employees employed as casual/relievers

The documents below are designed for employees who will work on a casual "as required" basis with no expectation of ongoing employment (e.g. day to day relieving teachers). If the casual employee is a non union member they will need to receive a letter of offer of casual employment and a casual IEA. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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