Ongoing Resourcing Scheme

When determining the costs associated with supporting a student with special needs it is important to ensure that all the costs that the board will need to take account of, particularly when employing a teacher aide.

The best rule is to work backwards, for instance under the Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS) find out what funding you will be getting then work out the costs of wages, annual leave, any other allowances payable and ACC.  That will determine what hours they can provide or the rate to set for the teacher aide (although it has to be recognised that there is some funding for the student component).  If you need to employ a teacher aide with a high skills level which requires placement of the scale B, then that has to be factored into what hours you can provide.

A particular issue is the question of annual leave.  This needs to be clearly factored into the equation as often this comes as a lump payment later in the year. 


Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

ACC Teacher Aide Rates

NZSTA and ACC have reached agreement on rates which they will reimburse for Teacher Aides. 

Schools are required to invoice these hours when a Teacher's Aide has been engaged to provide education support to a child due to injury-related needs.  Teacher's Aide support must be approved by ACC client service staff, and a Letter of Agreement must have been signed by ACC and the school's board of trustees.

The rates are set at

Teacher Aide:  $19.48 (including GST per hour)
Dirty Work/ Exceptional Hygiene Care: $4.91 (including GST) per day, or part day that these tasks are needed.


See ACC Education Guidelines for further information.


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