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Delegation Template

An example delegation template follows.

Kiwi Park School
Schedule of Delegations

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 31 October 20XX [b1]


  1. This Schedule of Delegations (the Schedule) was approved by the Board of Trustees (the Board) of Kiwi Park School (the School) at its meeting on 31 October 20XX and came into effect at this date. The Schedule sets out those responsibilities that can only be exercised by the Board, the responsibilities delegated to the chief executive (the Principal), and those responsibilities that the Principal can delegate to specified staff positions.
  2. The purpose of the Schedule is to ensure that the effectiveness of the governance and management of the School is maintained, to provide an agreed basis by which the School's executive management can exercise its responsibilities, and to enable the responsibilities delegated to be monitored. It is the Board's expectation that delegations made will be properly exercised and the persons who hold such delegations will be held accountable. If these principles are observed then, the Board can be certain its responsibilities concerning the Education Act 1989, the Crown Entities Act 2004 and the Financial Reporting Act 1993 will have been properly fulfilled.
  3. If persons who exercise responsibilities on behalf of the Board have any doubts or concerns in the execution of a specific action the expectation is that they will check with the person or group who made the delegation in the first place. The intention of this expectation is that should doubt arise in the exercise of a delegated responsibility it is preferable to verify the bona-fides of the intended action rather than make an error of judgement and be held accountable for this.
  4. This Schedule does not in itself provide the right to executive management and staff to exercise the responsibilities delegated. The right to exercise these responsibilities must be set out in a Memorandum of Delegations which provides the delegations and is signed by the parties involved. An outline example is set out at the end of this Schedule.
  5. The Principal shall ensure that a copy of each memorandum is safely retained and shall be made available to the Board, the school's auditors and officers of any Court hearing a case related to the School's finances.


  1. This Schedule was unanimously agreed by the Board and approved as a policy document at its meeting held  on 31 October 20XX
  2. When the Board approved this Schedule, it agreed that no variations of this Schedule or amendments to it can be made except by the majority approval of those trustees present at the Board meeting.
  3. As part of its support, the Board requires the Principal to circulate this Schedule to all staff and for a copy to be included in the School Policy Manual (copies of which shall be available to all staff). The Board requests that the Principal arrange for all new staff to be made familiar with this Policy and other policies approved by the Board.


Board Chairperson

On behalf of, and with the authority of the Board on 

Delegations retained by the board

The Board retains for itself and does not delegate to any executive management or staff position the following responsibilities:

Note: These responsibilities are in addition to those specified in Acts and regulations by which the Board is bound.

Board Delegations to the Principal

The Board delegates to the Principal the responsibilities listed below


These responsibilities complement those responsibilities and achievements specified in the Principal's annual performance agreement with the Board.

During any absence of the Principal from the School for more than five days, these delegations shall be exercised by the Acting Principal with the separate and prior approval of the Board Chairperson. In such absence, the Acting Principal shall sign a copy of this Schedule.

I have read and understood this Schedule of Delegations. I accept responsibility for the proper execution of the delegations assigned to me as Principal and I will exercise these regarding the requirements set out in the Board's Schedule of Delegations.

Signed by

(full name)


Dated……day of………..20XX

Principal's Delegations to Specified Positions [b2]

With the Board's delegation to me as Principal and with the Board's approval for me to delegate to a staff specified position I delegate to the position of (name of position) the following responsibilities:

  1. Approval of any orders for goods and services up to the value of $500 and provided such an order will not  exceed the Board approved budget allocation for (name of budget item or sub-budget item);
  2. [List here any other responsibility within the Principal's delegation.] These delegations are to be exercised regarding page X of the Board's Schedule of Delegations.

Signed by the Principal

(full name)

on the ……day of………..20XX

I accept responsibility for the proper execution of the delegations assigned to me as (name of position) and I will exercise these regarding the requirements set out in the Board's Schedule of Delegations. I acknowledge that I cannot further delegate those powers delegated to me by the Principal.

Signed by

(full name)                 (name of position)

Dated……day of………..20XX


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