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Effective governance - Supporting Pasifika success

As a board you play a vital role in deciding and leading the future direction and performance of your school.

These guidelines are a valuable resource for boards on how to implement the Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017. They will help you understand your governance role, how to fulfil the responsibilities that go with it - in particular, the responsibility to meet the needs and lift the achievement of all students, with a specific focus on your Pasifika students.

These guidelines have been developed for boards of English-medium schools. They outline the different supports available for boards across the country and provide a few examples of how various boards are working to contribute to Pasifika students' achievement. The guidelines are relevant to all schools, from those that have only a few Pasifika students to those where Pasifika students are the majority.

This resource provides a good starting point for your board's planning, practices and performance to support your Pasifika students, their families and their communities. It will help you to build the Pasifika competencies, capabilities, and capacities of your school so that it can be more responsive to your Pasifika students' needs.

Effective governance - Supporting Pasifika success (pdf)

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