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Annual General Meeting

The NZSTA constitution (s17) requires the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at a time determined by the Board each year.  The business of the AGM includes:

  1. Receive and consider the annual report of the Board.
  2. Receive and consider the annual financial statement from the Board.
  3. Appointment the Auditor.
  4. Set the annual NZSTA membership fee.
  5. Consideration of other business of which due notice has been given (remits).
  6. Consideration of other business as may be accepted by permission of the majority of members present and with power to vote at such meetings.

NZSTA member boards may submit notices of motion (remits) to the AGM.   Any notices of motion intended for consideration at the AGM must be received by NZSTA national office on a date set by the Board (usually in early April each year) and are circulated to all member boards at least 60 days before the date of the AGM.

Attendance at the NZSTA AGM

All trustees on NZSTA member boards may attend the AGM.  Those member boards wishing to speak or vote at the AGM will need to appoint a delegate to speak and vote on their behalf (one speaking/voting delegate from each member board).  If a member board chooses not to attend the AGM, it may appoint a delegate from another member board in its region to attend and vote on its behalf.  

To appoint a delegate, your board needs to complete a Nomination of Delegate form. This form is distributed to boards in April each year, along with any remits to be considered at the AGM.  The Nomination of Delegate form must be completed and returned to National Office seven days prior to the AGM.

2018 Annual General Meeting

2017 Annual Report (members only)


2017 Annual General Meeting

Saturday 15 July 2017, Regent Theatre, the Octagon, Dunedin

Call for remits - 6 February 2017

Letter to chairs

Transitional clauses - Remit 1

Behavioural needs - Remit 2

Trustee remuneration - Discussion paper

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