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NZSTA Officeholder elections

Elections for NZSTA officeholders take place by postal ballot every three years.

2016 President and Board election results

President Election

Green, Richard 94
Kerr, Lorraine 294
Invalid votes 15

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Kerr, Lorraine

Board Election

Alexander, Ian 94
Brougham, Vanessa 27
Coombe, Steve 115
Green, Richard 200
Haines, Chris 173
Hewitt, Jan 108
Huirua, Leayne 89
Ivory, David 158
Mackenzie, Jeannette 43
Marshall, Ian 215
McNeil, Alec 66
Osborne, Hali 73
Poppe, Malcolm 73
Reese, Grant 48
Shaw, Michael 106
Robb, Jenny 90
Tarawa, Tania 210
Tauevihi, Joycelyn 211
Wichmann, Rebecca 143
Invalid votes 16

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Green, Richard
Haines, Chris
Ivory, David
Marshall, Ian
Tarawa, Tania
Tauevihi, Joycelyn

Beverley Dixon
Returning Officer
President and Board Elections

The Regional Executives' election is on a later timeline, as detailed in the table below.

Election dates are calculated to ensure all constitutional requirements are met.

 NZSTA Election Dates (president)

2016 Officeholder elections

10 June 2016 mailout to member board chairs:

Memo: NZSTA President and Board elections

Nomination form NZSTA President election 2016

Nomination form NZSTA Board member election 2016

Position description NZSTA President

Schedule of duties for the President

Position description NZSTA Board member


1 August mailout to member board chairs - voting papers

Memo: NZSTA President and NZSTA Board election - VOTING

Voting form and three candidate profiles - President election

Voting form and 19 candidate profiles - Board election

Candidate Profiles:

President election - Richard Green

                                Lorraine Kerr

                                Joycelyn Tauvihi

Board election -   Ian Alexander

Vanessa Brougham

Steve Coombe

Richard Green

Chris Haines

Jan Hewitt

Leanye Huirua

David Ivory

Jeannette Mackenzie

Ian Marshall

Alec McNeil

Hali Osborne

Malcolm Poppe

Grant Reese

Jenny Robb

Mike Shaw

Tania Tarawa

Joycelyn Tauevihi

Rebecca Wichmann

1 August 2016 mailout to member board chairs:

Memo: NZSTA Regional Executive Elections 2016 - your region needs you!

Nomination Form - Regional Executive Election 2016

Regional executives process and procedures (includes role description and agreed operating procedures)

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