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Office of the President

The Office of the President is the face and voice of NZSTA member boards, and is responsible for all NZSTA membership activity including

Services provided by the Office of the President are available exclusively to NZSTA member boards.

NZSTA Officeholder elections

The office of the President coordinates and manages the NZSTA President election, NZSTA Board elections and NZSTA Regional Executive Elections.

NZSTA Conference and AGM

The Office of the President is responsible for organising all aspects of the NZSTA National Conference.

2016 Conference: Effective governance: Accelerating educational success for every learner

2016 AGM

2015 Conference: Strategic governance: Driving a culture of excellence

2015 AGM (docx)

Membership communication

The President’s Office maintains strong links with NZSTA member boards through regional visits, contacts with NZSTA Regional Executives and one-to-one communication with NZSTA member boards. In addition, we publish a number of members-only communications.


STAnews is NZSTA’s membership magazine. It is published monthly except for November/December and January/February, which are combined issues.

Members’ Memos

NZSTA members memos provide information, analysis and commentary on issues of relevance to NZSTA member boards.

Consultation with member boards

NZSTA consults and works with member boards and other sector stakeholders on issues affecting the interests of member boards through the NZSTA Regional Network and direct contact with member boards. NZSTA also surveys member boards from time to time on issues of current or potential significance to school boards of trustees to supplement the information we gather from other channels.

Formal feedback and submissions

NZSTA drafts formal submissions and feedback on behalf of boards on proposed legislative changes or policy issues that have the potential to impact on the work of school boards of trustees.

Recent Submissions:

16 04 15 ASA Review of Childrens Advertising Codes (669.9KB PDF)

16 02 29 Education Council Rules   (379.29KB PDF)

View NZSTA older NZSTA submissions.

Media statements:

View NZSTA Media statements.

Members memos:

View NZSTA Members Memos.

Sector groups and working parties

NZSTA advocates for and represents the interests of its member boards through a strong presence on a wide range of sector groups and working parties at a national and regional level. In recent years, these have included 

Regular liaison and relationship-building

NZSTA meets regularly with key people, agencies and groups in the sector including Ministers, Ministry of Education officials, Education Review Office (ERO), the Education Council, principals’ groups and education unions to promote understanding of school boards of trustees’ governing role, and to discuss issues of mutual concern to boards and other stakeholder groups.

Advocacy for individual member boards

The President will also advocate directly with Ministry of Education officials and Ministers on behalf of individual member boards where they are experiencing problems which cannot otherwise be resolved.

NZSTA’s representation and advocacy work is led by a full time President supported by NZSTA elected officials and staff including a full-time policy analyst.

Contact us

Member boards are welcome to raise issues at any time by contacting or through your Regional Executive.

Office of the President

0800 782 435 Option 5


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