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Trustee Study Awards and Reports 2014

There was unprecedented interest in 2014, with 31 applications being received. Once again, this made the task of selecting the recipients both interesting and difficult for the 2014 selection panel. The panel selected the following seven applications covering a variety of award topics.

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Donald Chandler - parent elected trustee and chair, Bay of Islands International Academy. David will attend a two-day seminar entitled 'Governance - introduction to the international baccalaureate for school owners and board members' in Melbourne. The seminar will provide an excellent foundation for leading the school towards achieving its strategic goals to strengthen governance and become an International Baccalaureate World School. These goals are driven by an underlying imperative to improve student learning outcomes.

Jonny Gaze - parent elected trustee, Albany Primary School. Jonny will undertake research focusing on the role of governance in promoting talent, character and success. His research aims to help boards develop and improve the way they foster an environment focused on the improvement of student achievement. Jonny hopes to help boards understand what input elements are important in achieving success, and how they can provide greater opportunities for success to be developed.

Richard Green - parent elected trustee, Point Chevalier School and Pasadena Intermediate. Richard will undertake a research project on engaging Māori families in schools which are predominately Pakeha, and how that engagement influences Māori achievement in those schools. He will follow up his research by developing guidelines for boards to engage successfully with their Māori community.

Linda Kerr - parent elected trustee and chair, Nuhaka School. Linda is undertaking study in 2014. She will do four papers in 2014 covering organisation and management, leadership, employment relations, and office management. A good knowledge of these subjects will enable her and the board to fulfil the expectations of the school community to govern the school. They are all areas that will support and supply useful knowledge and relevance to the board.

Rebecca Scott - parent elected trustee, Clearview Primary School. Rebecca plans to research Modern Learning Environments and clustered learning environments across New Zealand and internationally. She will then produce a booklet that she hopes will assist and encourage other boards to create Modern Learning Environments in both new and current schools.

John Stansfield - parent elected trustee and chair, Waiheke High School. John will study the unique challenges posed by the isolation of island schools and how these challenges are met. His study will examine how the resources of the community can be integrated into the school and will promote cooperation between the schools. The study will include Great Barrier, Waiheke, Matakana, Chatham, Pitt and Stewart Island schools.

Dallas Williams - parent elected trustee and chair, Waima School. Dallas will research ways to best support and deliver to boards of schools in rural isolated communities, with particular focus on schools with a high number of Māori students.

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