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E tipu e rea 

In our children lies our future

This whakatauki/proverb was first written by Sir Apirana Ngata in 1949 in the autograph book of a schoolgirl Rangi Bennett. NZSTA received permission from Sir Apirana’s family to use this proverb. 

The original proverb refers to new growth, and in our context, new growth refers to children. This is how we developed our vision ‘in our children lies our future’.

Our logo

Our logo is based on an important New Zealand native plant, the harakeke/flax. 

The harakeke plant represents the whanau/family in Maori thoughts. The rito/shoot is the child. It is protectively surrounded by the awhini rito/parent. The outside leaves represent the tupuna/grandparents and ancestors. 

Our waiata

Composed by Maata Wharehoka - NZSTA Board, February 2014 

He tipu he rea

Nga tikanga

Kia u kia arahi

Nga kura katoa

O Aotearoa

It is a tender shoot that grows

For so many reasons

Be steadfast, be leaders

In every school in Aotearoa


Kia kaha

Kia maia

Aki aki tonu atu

Hei oranga te tipuranga

Mo nga kura katoa

O Aotearoa

Be strong

Be mindful

Urge and encourage this forever

Wellness of future generations

In every school in Aotearoa


Manaakitia nga kura katoa

Manaakitia nga kura katoa

Manaakitia nga kura katoa

O Aotearoa

Support every school

Respect every school

Take care of every school 

In Aotearoa

Timata ano mai i te tope Repeat from the beginning


Download the waiata as a PDF here. 


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