Working for NZSTA

Te mahi mō te NZSTA

Benefits of working for NZSTA

Striving for excellence

We strive to be the best at all that we do and we want you to be excellent too.

Our people voice their opinions to improve the way we do things and take action to make it happen.

We are committed to providing excellent services to school boards and are passionate about the difference this makes.

We enable our staff to provide excellent service by reviewing our processes and systems as well as looking at new ventures to ensure NZSTA is a sustainable organisation.

Good employer

NZSTA is committed to treating our people fairly in all aspects of employment. We do this by:

  • Encouraging opinions to be heard
  • Trusting our people to perform
  • Recruiting passionate and competent staff
  • Continually improving our policies and procedures to ensure consistency and organisational suitability
Appreciating our people

We are supportive of our people, and recognise there’s more to them than the work they do for NZSTA. 

Development - We are committed to providing professional development for our people so they can perform their roles to a high standard and grow their skills and knowledge to fulfil their aspirations.  This includes on-the-job training and mentoring, as well as attendance at courses, and conferences.  We also provide study leave and reimbursement of fees for formal study when it relates to their role.

We listen - We operate with a flat structure and open door policy. We encourage ideas to be raised and we listen to our people’s opinions.

Flexibility - We trust our staff to get the job done and are flexible with our work patterns as long as business demands are met.

Wellness - We offer a range of support to assist our people with their health and wellbeing. This includes vision testing, flu jabs, Employee Assistance Programme, 10 days sick leave per year and 4 additional days leave (association days) on top of the 4 weeks annual leave to ensure appropriate rest and relaxation. We continually review our wellness initiatives to ensure we can provide the best support for our people.

Staff quotes

"The best thing about my job is interacting with people in education and knowing that you are helping them and you are making a positive difference for the children in NZ who are our future”Judith,  Adviser, Governance (Advisory and Support Centre) 

“The work we do makes a real and visible difference to students, communities, and society”– Mary, Adviser, Policy (Office of the President)

“Doing our job helps our most vulnerable citizens, our children”– Anna, Regional Governance Adviser (Central North Hub)

“Our work is actually all about winning the minds of people, every day is different, and people react differently every time. This makes the variety of the work and the challenges it throws up endlessly interesting” – Chris, Regional Governance Adviser (Northern Hub) 

“The organisation is one which is flexible, provides work-life balance, and it engages with its employees.  A place where people know who each other are and make an effort to connect.” - Mel, Regional Manager (Central North Hub)


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