Education Act Changes

The new legislation came into effect on 19 May 2017.

We have created an overview of these changes.


NZSTA will continue to update you with factsheets, newsletters and through our website. 

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Governance Internal Evaluation Tool (IET)

NZSTA has developed an easy to use online tool to help boards identify areas where they need to improve their governance practice. As the board’s primary focus is the ongoing improvement of student achievement, the tool uses a set of criteria for identifying the strengths and areas for development in governance.

Overview of the Internal Evaluation Tool (IET) (pdf)

Using the tool

The tool consists of an online survey which is completed by groups determined by the board within the school community.  The automatically collated responses are compiled into a report for the board to review and decide on actions required.

The survey is filled out anonymously, and a unique survey address is created, and password protected by the user ensuring the results of individual boards cannot be shared unless the board gives permission. 

Why use the tool?

This internal evaluation tool will help a board to determine:

It has been designed for use in a variety of situations including;

Where to get more information and assistance

Please contact the programme coordinator in your region:  

Or to be put through to them via the phone 0800 782 435 (option3)

If you wish to register to use the tool, please complete the IET application form and send to the Programme Coordinator.

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