Education Act Changes

The new legislation came into effect on 19 May 2017.

We have created an overview of these changes.


NZSTA will continue to update you with factsheets, newsletters and through our website. 

You can call 0800 782 435 or email


Advisory and Support Centre Governance

The advisory and support centre is here to help you on a strictly confidential basis. 

What we offer

Boards of trustees can access advisers on the NZSTA advisory and support centre for all matters relating to governance and employment.

Operating hours:

Advisory and Support Centre is open from

Note: For governance advice contact 0800 782 435 (option 1) and for employment advice contact 0800 782 435 (option 2)

Governance matters

The governance advisers on the NZSTA advisory and support centre pride themselves on being able to respond to any question that may be asked relating to governance, including the board's role. The advisory and support centre is staffed by very knowledgeable advisers on governance. They offer their best advice which is based on experience in investigating and answering similar questions and talking to a wide cross-section of trustees from throughout the country.

If you or your board would like help and assistance on topics like these:

Contact the advisory and support centre

0800 782 435 (option 1)
Fax:     (04) 473 4706


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