Education Act Changes

The new legislation comes into effect on 19 May 2017.

We have created an overview of these changes.


NZSTA will continue to update you with factsheets, newsletters and through our website. 

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Emergency Staffing Scheme (ESS)

NZSTA, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, administers the Emergency Staffing Scheme (ESS), which provides last resort help for school boards of state and state integrated schools who are unable to attract Principals.

To qualify for an ESS pool member, a board must be able to demonstrate that:

Boards who need ESS assistance should contact the National ESS Coordinator (not the Ministry of Education) who will co-ordinate any placements.

The ESS pool member would be available within 5 days, but may under some circumstances be available within 24 hours notice.

ESS pool members are experienced principals who can provide leadership to a range of different schools including primary, area and secondary schools for a period of one term.

ESS pool members are not "change agents", nor are they available to resolve possible conflicts between the community and the board.  They are only available to fill last resort vacancies, for a maximum of one term.

Sample letter of appointment

Follow the link to a copy of the sample letter of appointment (docx)

If you require further assistance, please contact the National ESS Coordinator - Nicki Yalden on (04) 928 0349.

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