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Save time and money with All-of-Government contracts

All-of-Government (AoG) contracts are developed and managed by New Zealand Government Procurement for selected common goods or services purchased across government.

Schools participating in AoG contracts save money by leveraging the collective purchasing power of government. Schools also save time, effort and cost because they don't need to go through a full procurement process of their own.

Check out the average per annum savings across these common contracts used by schools:

  • Banking services, 30%
  • Office supplies, 24%
  • Rental vehicles, 20%
  • Reticulated gas, 17%
  • IT hardware, 11%
  • Motor vehicles, 11%
  • Print services, 8%
  • Electricity, 5%

You can find out more information about AoG contracts, and how to sign up on the Ministry of Education website.

For general enquiries or more information about AoG contracts, email the Schools Buying team at the Ministry of Education, or access buying advice at the Ministry website.  


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