Resignation may be given at any time by a permanent employee or long-term reliever. When employees intend to resign they should first notify their direct manager in writing of their resignation. The resignation letter should include an end date which complies with the notice required in the relevant employment agreement.

When an employee resigns in haste following conflict or in a swift, unexpected manner it is a recommended to allow for a ‘cooling off period’ before formally accepting a resignation. NZSTA suggests waiting for 2-3 days then checking, in writing, the intention to resign with the employee and following up with an acceptance of resignation. The acknowledgement of resignation template can be found below.

The board may provide the employee with a reference for future employers which sets out the dates the employee was employed at the school, their position, and their employment performance.

When an employee resigns, it is a good opportunity to obtain feedback on their views of the school through an exit interview. 

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