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About this claim:

  • This claim is in the establishment phase and may take 3+ years to complete.
  • Arguability of claim agreed, which initiates the investigation process – a steering group is to be established.
  • ECE 600 independent/privately owned employers – payroll not administered by EPL.
  • Kindergarten Association teachers paid centrally by EPL.
  • Early childhood “Multi Employer Process Agreement” (MEPA) out for consultation, closed 29/07/2021 – MoE received constructive feedback from this process. This close date was extended to 02/08/21.
  • 100,000 teachers covered by claim.
  • Notification to all teachers will be made in two weeks – informs them that they are covered by the claim with an “opt out” option available online, they will receive a letter and a factsheet (those wishing to opt out, must do so within 20 days under the legislation).
  • Info packs in te reo will also be released.
  • Implications of opt out for teachers/boards – teacher who opts out of union claim can raise their own individual claim directly with their employing school board.

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