NZSTA provider application process

In order to ensure trustees have the required skills and abilities to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) has a pool of Preferred Providers who supply professional development and support services to boards. 

NZSTA has a pool of contracted providers who, after our approval and induction processes, are assigned roles working individually with boards of trustees and/or presenting at our nationally advertised workshops.

Areas that providers work with boards on include the board’s role in strategic planning, policy setting or review, self-review, student achievement reporting, finance, and cultural responsiveness. Each provider is supported in the delivery of services to the boards in their areas of expertise by our staff and resources.

Providers are paid by NZSTA at agreed hourly rates for the work, plus arrangement or reimbursement of travel and associated costs. No guarantees of workload are made. Providers can elect to work only on their local region, nationally or selected regions.

Contracts are renewed every 2-3 years.

To take part in the delivery of this work preferred providers need to have a minimum of three years’ experience on a school board of trustees.

For entry into the pool, potential providers are required to complete an application process. This application process allows the NZSTA to select Preferred Providers on panel contracts who are committed to meeting the Government’s educational priorities and who have the necessary skills and experience to provide professional development and support services to Boards of Trustees.

Current NZSTA providers can access their resource material on the NZSTA Knowledge Hub.

NZSTA provider application process

New PD Provider induction days are run in February, June and November.

Applications should be received by NZSTA by 30 November, 30 April and 30 September respectively.

If you have any further queries regarding this, please contact our  Senior Governance Adviser 



 The required documents can be downloaded here: 

  1. Provider application form
  2. Provider application instruction booklet
  3. Referee report


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