Funding and finance for your school

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Finance related policies

Funding and finance for your school

Operational funding (Ops grant)

Operational Funding is the money your board receives from the Government to implement the goals of the school's charter, and for the running of the school. For more information on operational funding go to Operational Funding.

Quarterly funding calculator

Use the Ministry's Quarterly funding calculator to estimate the operational funding you are likely to receive.

Tax obligations

Schools operated by boards of trustees are exempt from income tax by the Education Act 1989 but may have to pay other taxes, such as goods and services tax (GST) and fringe benefit tax (FBT).


The Ministry has a contract with Talent2 to provide the payroll service, Novopay, for all state and state-integrated schools. Follow the link to Progress reports.

Staffing Calculator Use the Ministry’s Staffing Calculator to estimate the funding you are likely to receive for staffing.

Election funding

Election funding for the triennial and mid-term parent elections is paid from the school's operations grant in the years that the triennial and mid-term elections are held. From this, boards are expected to cover all expenses, including the returning officer's fee for running the election.

For more information about election funding for these and other elections, you can go to the 'appoint a returning officer' page and to the Ministry of Education's website here.

Fees and Donations

Education Circular 2018/01 provides advice on the rights of Boards of Trustees, Proprietors, parents, and students in respect of requests for donations and other forms of payment in schools.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving  State and state integrated schools or their Boards of Trustees automatically have approved Inland Revenue donee organisation status and so are eligible to receive donations through payroll giving.

Background to payroll giving

Since 7 January 2010 employees have been able to make charitable donations to any state or state integrated school (or other pre-approved charity) through their employer and receive immediate tax credits. This is known as “Payroll giving”.

For schools (donees)

Payroll giving is changing the way organisations (schools, charities, sports clubs, churches, etc.) receive their income.

For donee organisations including schools, being registered for Payroll Giving can help smooth funding throughout the year and reduce the costs of fundraising. State and state integrated schools have automatic donee organisation status.

For parents and community members (donors)

In the past, donors have had to save receipts and then submit them at the end of the year to obtain a tax refund.  Payroll giving allows donors to choose the organisation that they want to give to from a list of verified donee organisations and give smaller amounts each payday to avoid the difficulty of having to find the cash for large donations.  Donors will get their tax credit at the time of the donation.

Please note that only certain payments qualify as a tax credit/deduction.

See the IRD website for more information.

Finance-related governance support resources

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