Additional teacher-only days for primary settings

10 October 2019


Tēnā koe

We have received a further update from the Secretary of Education on the implementation of the additional teacher only days. It was acknowledged by the Secretary that boards have a vital role in the planning and execution of these teacher-only days. The following information is based on the update provided by the Secretary and seeks to clarify what the teacher-only days are intended for and how they should be managed. 

The conclusion of the recent employment agreement negotiations established an additional eight teacher-only days for any one principal or teacher, who is covered under the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement, Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement and Area School Principals’ Collective Agreement.   

These days are focused to provide teachers and principals time to:

  • Refresh and deepen their knowledge and practice around the local curriculum (within the context of the removal of national standards);
  • Strengthen their understanding of the use of assessment tools for learning and teaching;
  • Respond to the recommendations of the education work programme in the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement (CPA) Report; (Note: the CPA Report is available here)
  • Familiarise themselves with the curriculum work changes that will become available over the term of the collective agreements. 

The Minister may authorise boards to be open for fewer half days than required under section 65D(1) of the Education Act 1989. The Board of Trustees must be consulted in terms of how these teacher-only days are set in relation to its use and actual days.

We recommend that it is important for parents and whānau to be given a term’s notice of the dates since schools will be closed for instruction. 

There may be circumstances where parents and whānau have children at more than one school, in which case we suggest schools and kura take all practicable steps to align their teacher-only dates with other primary and intermediate schools. This is to ensure there is minimal interruption as possible to parents and whānau.

The eight teacher-only days will be used during the term of the current collective agreements.   

Please do not hesitate to contact our Advisory & Support Centre if you have any further queries on 0800 782 435.


Patrick Ikiua
Regional Director - Principal Adviser Employment

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