PPTA Paid Union Meeting Update


Update - Monday 17 June 2019

On Friday 14 June a notice was sent out on behalf of the Ministry of Education advising all secondary school boards and principals that the Secretary for Education has agreed to the PPTA holding paid union meetings with its members in the week Monday 24 June to Friday 28 June 2019. The notification by the Secretary was a waiver of the usual 14 day notice period required for a paid union meeting.
It is unlikely that any of the newly elected boards would have had their first meeting before the 24 June. The principal should notify the newly elected trustees of the nominated PUM day, the arrangements for cover, and the planned communications to the parent community. 

Please refer to our Paid Union Meetings page for more information. 

Our ASC employment team or one of our Regional Employment Advisers are available to help with any of your queries. 


Update - Friday 14 June 2019

Over an extended negotiating period the NZSTA employment team have actively supported the efforts undertaken by the Ministry negotiators along with the representatives from NZEI and PPTA to agree on terms of settlement for primary teachers and principals, secondary teachers and area school teachers.

This was a significant undertaking by all parties and we are pleased that both NZEI and the PPTA now have terms of settlement that they are presenting to their members for consideration.

The terms of settlement have sought to address the key concerns raised by the unions around pay equity across the sector, recruitment and the retention of existing teachers. Please refer to Collective Agreement Offers for Primary Teachers and Principals, Secondary Teachers and Area School Teachers for more information.

Once the terms of settlement have been formally accepted we will be able to provide a more detailed update on the impact that they will have on the responsibilities of the boards of trustees.

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