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As a board, it’s your role to set the direction for your school and decide what it is your school wants to achieve for the Māori students.

Your responsibilities as a board

It’s important to understand that you are accountable for the performance of your school in relation to Māori student achievement. What does that mean in practice? Simply put, it means setting the future directions for successful learning; being accountable for the performance of Māori students; ensuring Māori stakeholders in your community are represented in school planning and decision making and ensuring your school is a good employer by supporting school staff to teach and support Māori students effectively. It might sound like a big ‘to do’ list, but with a well functioning board, and plenty of focus, you’ll be on track to achieve great things for your kids in no time.

What you need to know about Māori student achievement

Both the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office expect all schools in New Zealand to track and report on your school’s performance as it relates to Māori student achievement. As your representative organisation, NZSTA is here to help you meet those expectations.


Why focusing on Māori student achievement is important

Your school will be on track when most of your Māori students are achieving well and, at the same time, are enjoying a sense of Māori identity, language and culture.


What you should do first

Ready to get started? First things first. It’s a good idea to begin by getting to grips with the government’s strategy for Māori student achievement. Next, have a look at where you need to take action. Look at the cultural responsiveness of your school to benchmark where you are at, using the NZSTA Hautū professional development module. Check to ensure your charter/strategic plan is focused on Māori student achievement.


How to plan for Māori education success

Planning is a great way to set your school up for success. Make it a priority to understand how your Māori students are currently performing. Use the planning process to set charter/strategic plan goals for your school, then align your planning priorities to your budget and monitoring and reporting processes. If you need help and guidance at any point, phone or email NZSTA. We’re here to help.

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