Māori achieving success as Māori

Monitoring Māori student achievement is the way to track progress towards the board's goals.

To understand how your school is progressing towards these goals your board needs to receive regularly analysed data and clearly presented evidence from your prinicipal.

Your responsibilities as a board

Your board must have a relentless focus on raising Māori student achievement and Māori achieving success as Māori . 


Planning and reporting cycle





Why monitor?

The board monitors progress towards its strategic goals for Māori student achievement in order to ensure progress is being made to meet the school's targets and that resources are being used appropriately. It also informs future planning.



What are we focusing on?

Boards are encouraged to have an explicit focus on excellence in student achievement, ensuring equity for Māori students.



Why the specific focus on Māori students? 

Māori and Pasifika students, along with those with special educational learning needs form the Government's priority learning groups.

It is is recognised that a specific focus on these students is required to lift student achievement and ensure equity for all.

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