Expectations of a Trustee

School trustees have a very important role in making sure every child achieves their potential at school.

Here are some of the things they do

  • Work with the principal and consult with staff, students and the community
  • Set the educational goals and strategic direction of the school
  • Monitor progress and let parents know how the school is progressing against its annual targets and how well students are achieving
  • Decide how the school's funding will be spent
  • Select the school's principal and support the development of all staff
  • Oversee the management of staff, property, finances, curriculum and administration.

How do you prepare for this?

There are a number of ways that you can prepare or develop the skills required.  Check out our professional development programmes.

Meeting fee

Most boards follow the generally accepted guidelines for payments for attendance at board meetings, with trustees paid $55 a meeting and the chair $75. The IRD has provided for this payment to be tax-free to a level of $605 per annum for members and $825 per annum for the chair, in recognition that these fees cover the expense of attending meetings. Boards have the right to decide how much their members are paid. The principal, as a member of the board, is entitled to the same payment as all other trustees except the chairperson.

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