Working well as a board

Ko te mahi tahi hei poari

There are various ways to report back on the board’s relationship. You can do this by demonstrating your respect for one another publicly and maintaining a shared voice on key issues. You can report on your progress as a team in newsletters and any general discussions you may have with staff and community members. You can also use the self-review process to guide you.

Your responsibilities as a board

As a board member, you are expected to sign up to the board’s code of behaviour and to understand your part in creating a well functioning, high-performing board. It’s a good way to start out on the right track.

What you need to know about self-review

Self-review is a formal process based on the objectives and targets set out in your school’s strategic and annual plans. It’s also a really handy process you can use to reflect and report on your progress as a team and to critically analyse the way you operate. Need help setting it up? You’re welcome to get in touch to find out how.


Why the tool is useful

Because it’s an anonymous online survey, it should give you an accurate reflection of where you are at. When it comes to reporting the results, you’ll first want to look at the data as a board to determine where you are at now and what your next steps will be. When it comes time to share the survey results, you’ll want to report back on both the current state and where you want to get to as a team.


What to do with negative results

If you receive negative feedback on the board relationship, it’s likely you’ll have seen or experienced it first hand so it probably won’t come as a surprise. The best thing to do is to be upfront and honest and to put in place a plan to turn things around. Get insights from the data to make changes. Meet as a board. Consider revisiting the board’s code of behaviour or setting up a committee if you think a larger review of board practices needs to occur. And don't hesitate to talk to NZSTA if you need independent support or advice.


How NZSTA’s internal evaluation tool can help

NZSTA has also developed an internal evaluation tool designed to help you track and report back on your performance in different areas – from your goals for student achievement through to the board relationship generally, the level of trust within the board and the quality of board meetings. It’s another good way to formally track and report back on your board’s work.

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