NZSTA Outcomes Statement

All schools are effectively governed by a board of trustees whose primary focus is every student achieving their highest possible educational potential.

Conference 2016

NZSTA Conference 2016

2016 Trustee Triennial Election

The suggested common election date is Friday 3 June 2016.  This would allow the election to be held within the school term and meet the time frame.  Below are the deadlines if using this date (you can also use our calculator):

Close poll election day noon

Friday 3 June 2016

Count votes

Thursday 9 June 2016

Full description of all the election dates.

Trustee Professional Development

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All NZSTA professional development is delivered by a group of high quality experienced providers.  Professional development and support opportunities will be provided at no cost to you or your board.

Trustees find workshops in your region



Govtalks is the place to view a series of short videos from a range of speakers on the key components of governance, accountability, leadership, representation and the employer role.


NZSTA e-learning modules:

E-learning Modules


Contact your regional adviser governance

What's New

1)  Memo 82016 School Trustee Elections

2)  2016 Trustee Interview - Grant Reese - Rewarding role for all trustees

3)  Elections Media Statement - 16 05 13 Schools need nominations

4)  A Parent Guide has been developed.  This guide is accessible through the Parent Place, which provides information and articles of interest to parents and caregivers.

5)  Returning Officer's Module is now available and provides an overview of the role and the duties involved. 

6)  The most important task a board will undertake is to select and appoint a new principal.

7)  The Ministry of Education has announced Election Funding for the upcoming 2016 Triennial School Trustee Elections.

8)  The updated Returning Officers’ Handbook 2016 – 2019 is now available.

9)  New Health and Safety resources are available to assist with the introduction of the new Health and Safety legislation.

10)  On 1 July 2014 the Vulnerable Children Act (VCA) 2014 became law. The Act introduced measures to protect and improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children and strengthen our child protection system.

11)  Health and Safety Module is to assist board members to understand the changes to health and safety legislation effective from 4th April 2016. 


Media statements:

16-04-15 - Many planning to stand again in 10th trustee elections

Members memo:

M 2016-2 - Consultation Questionnaire – Advertising codes for children

All schools memo:

2016-3 - End of Term 1: Update

Submissions: (Members Only)

16 04 15 - ASA Review of Childrens Advertising Codes

STAnews: (Members Only)

April issue 262 is available.



Trustee Elections

All information relating to becoming a trustee can be viewed on the Trustee Election website.

Becoming a school trustee - this three-minute video outlines what governance is all about.

School Trustee

Also available are Election Planner and Election Promo Documents.

Need to advise an update for your Board of Trustees? -  complete a Appendix 2 - Change in Membership of Board of Trustees (previously called Appendix F). This online form is to be completed for every new trustee that takes office following any parent, staff or student election; any parent, staff or student by-election, any co-option or selection to a casual vacancy of a trustee, and when there is a change in principal or chair.  Note: the form does not have to be completed for re-elected trustees.