NZSTA Vision/Outcomes Statement

All schools are effectively governed by a board of trustees whose primary focus is every student achieving their highest possible educational potential.

Trustee Elections

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Trustee Election provides Returning Officers with the ability to register for Triennial Elections as well as provide details on how their election process is running by recording information such as the  number of nominations.

Becoming a school trustee - this 3 min video outlines what trusteeship is all about.

School Trustee

Also available are Election Planner and Election Promo Documents.

Need to advise an update for your Board of Trustees? -  complete an Appendix F (New or change of membership of the Board of Trustees) This online form is to be completed for every trustee that takes office following an election, by-election, co-option, or selection; and when there is a change in board personnel, e.g. principal or chairperson

Trustee Professional Development


All NZSTA professional development is delivered by a group of high quality experienced providers.  Professional development and support opportunities will be delivered at no cost to you or your board.

Trustees find workshops in your region

Welcome aBoard - An Intoduction to Trusteeship

Welcome aBoard

Charter Review Module - Professional Development e-learning

Charter Review

Employer Role - Professional Development e-learning


Find a workshop

Professional Development  - Template Resources

Hautū - Māori cultural responsiveness self review tool for boards of trustees

Contact your Professional Development Adviser