NZSTA Outcomes Statement

All schools are effectively governed by a board of trustees whose primary focus is every student achieving their highest possible educational potential.

NZSTA Conference

NZSTA Conference 2016 

Conference programme and photos are available. Please tell us about your conference experience and help us make decisions for future conferences, by completing the survey.

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Trustee Professional Development

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All NZSTA professional development is delivered by a group of high quality experienced providers.  Professional development and support opportunities will be provided at no cost to you or your board.

Register for a professional development course.

Trustees, find workshops in your region.

Template resources - The following resources are available for download.

Home page NewGovernance Internal Evaluation Tool (IET)- To help boards identify areas where they need to improve their governance practice.

The Treaty of Waitangi and school governance - These resources are focused on enabling trustees to better understand the Treaty and emphasise the responsibility boards have in ensuring that the implications, obligations and spirit of the Treaty are implemented and upheld.

Home page NewThe Haepapa Effective Governance in Māori Medium online flip-book resource has been created to support the role for a trustee working in Māori medium Level 1 and 2, immersion, bilingual units and Kura ā-iwi.

Hautū - Māori cultural responsiveness self review tool for boards of trustees.

Student trustee challenges - In conjunction with the Spirit of Adventure, NZSTA offers 5 day residential programmes for student trustees.  These programmes are designed to give student trustees the skills, knowledge and experience to rise to the challenge associated with their role on the board.  (entries open in October)

Trustee accreditation - NZSTA offers trustees from member boards the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to strengthening school governance by becoming an NZSTA Accredited Trustee.

Application process NZSTA Provider - Potential providers are required to complete an application process.

Provider pages (Providers only)

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Trustee Elections

All information relating to becoming a trustee can be viewed on the Trustee Election website.

Becoming a school trustee - this three-minute video outlines what governance is all about.

School Trustee

(click the image to view the video)

Also available are Election Planner and Election Promo Documents.

Need to advise an update for your Board of Trustees? -  complete a Appendix 2 - Change in Membership of Board of Trustees (previously called Appendix F). This online form is to be completed for every new trustee that takes office following any parent, staff or student election; any parent, staff or student by-election, any co-option or selection to a casual vacancy of a trustee, and when there is a change in principal or chair.  Note: the form does not have to be completed for re-elected trustees.

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Advertisement for exciting adviser roles at NZSTA

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What's New

-  The Haepapa Effective Governance in Māori Medium online flip-book resource has been created to support the role for a trustee working in Māori medium Level 1 and 2, immersion, bilingual units and Kura ā-iwi.

-  Media release 16-07-22 -  Conference 2 Katrina Casey

-  Media release 16-07-21 - “Fewer tests, broader curriculum,” trustees told

-  Term two regional newsletters are available (Members only)

-  Conference photos are available (Members only)

-  Making a Difference: Trustee Handbook (pdf)

-  Trusteeship Guide (pdf)

-  Governance Internal Evaluation Tool has been developed to help boards identify areas where they need to improve their governance practice.

-  Returning Officer's Module is now available and provides an overview of the role and the duties involved. 

-  The most important task a board will undertake is to select and appoint a new principal.

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NZSTA New Trustees

It may seem rather daunting to start, with all the terms and processes which can seem so foreign and difficult to grasp, but we have good news! We are here to help and support you and your board of trustees. Explore our website it is packed with information and resourcesLearning modules, Governance essentials, compete a Policy framework, also read Making a difference: Trustee handbook and the Trusteeship guide. Remember to update your board details please complete an Appendix 2

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NZSTA Health Safety

Health and Safety Act 2015

(click the image to view the e-book)

Health and Safety resources are available to assist with the introduction of the new Health and Safety legislation.

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govtalks home image 

Govtalks is the place to view a series of short videos from a range of speakers on the key components of governance, accountability, leadership, representation and the employer role.

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All schools memo:

2016-3 - End of Term 1: Update

Members memo: (Members only)

M 16-06 - Subject:  Update for incoming boards 

Media statement:

NZSTA Home page New 16-07-22 - Conference 2 Katrina Casey

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STAnews - Jun issue 264 (Members only)

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